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Our achievements


October-14 to March-15

NZDBA Nationals at Lake Pupuke, Auckland

On Day 1 (Saturday 28-March-2015) Abreast of Life won Gold in the Standard Boat 500 metres Final in a time of 2 minutes 34.3, 0.31 seconds ahead of BoobOps (Tauranga) and 1.14 seconds ahead of CanSurvive (from Wellington).

Then in the 2,000 mtere Turns Race they recorderd a smoking time of 11:06.05 seconds to win Gold medals in the BCS Division.

On Sunday, in the 200 metre Standard Boat they won Bronze with 59.11s. Then in afternoon, in the 200 metre Small Boats they won Gold in 1m 04.13s.

ABOL ended the season as New Zealand National Champions, and South Island Champions.

October-13 to March-14

NZDBA Nationals at Lake Hood, Ashburton. The club again had a 'Women's Division' team, ABOL Amazons at NZDBA Nationals. In the 200 metre sprint finals, Amazons took Bronze with a time of 58.04 seconds, behhind CS Waiararapa (56.98) and Auckland Women (57.40).

In the 500 metre final Amazons were 4th in the field of 6 Women's teams. And then Amazons were fifth in the 2,000 metre Turns Race at 11 minutes 33.66.

October-12 to March-13

For this season, ABOL paddled in the Women's Division. At the NZDBA Nationals at Rotorua, in the Womens Final, ABOL Amazons recorded 2:33.84 for 500m Final, and in the Sprints ABOL Amazons had 0:57.19.

For the 2,000m Turns Race the time was 12:09.43. All times were a significant improvement over the South Island Champs.

South Island Champs at Lake Hood. ABOL Amazons were Second in the Hell For Leather final of the 200m, in a time of 59.90 seconds, an serious improvement on heat times of 1:1.50 and 1:2.30. Amazons were Second in the Women's 500m (with 2:37.30) and 16th in 2,000m Turns race (12:33.00)

October-11 to March-12

NZDBA Nationals at Lake Hood. Abreast of Life were 4th with 2:36.94 in the 500m BCS Final. In the 250m BCS Sprint Final ABOL were 4th on 1:05.43. Abreast of Life took BCS Silver in the 2,000m Turns Race with12:06.35.

October-10 to March-11

NZDBA Nationals at Rotorua. Abreast of Life came Fifth in the BCS Final in 2:47.30. In the 200m Sprints came Fourth in 1:04.20. But ABOL won Gold in the 2,000m Turns Race in 12:08.00, more than 5 seconds ahead of the next BCS team.

October-09 to March-10

In the first Sunday of December 2009, we competed at the Ice Breaker at Kerr's Reach on the Avon River Christchurch. Three weeks into February 09 we were at the Early Bird Regatta which 'Christened' Lake Pegasus, north of Christchurch. Our race times generally improved through the day and we finished in seventh place.

On the first Saturday in March we competed at the Lake Hood "South Island Champs". For the first time ever, Aoraki organise a "Women's Final", and finished with a bronze, behind "Tu Meke" and "Waimak Thunder".

And then three weeks later we won Bronze at the NZDBA Nationals (again on Lake Hood).

October-08 to March-09

Early December 2008 was the first ever "Ice Breaker" regatta, at Kerr's Reach on the Avon River Christchurch. The Early Bird Regatta was also at Kerr's Reach, but then Aoraki ran their first ever Dragon Boat Regatta on Lake Hood near Ashburton.

NZDBA Nationals were at a "neutral" venue for the first time - at the Blue Lakes near Rotorua.

October-07 to March-08

August 2007 saw a major change in the South Island Dragon Boating scene, when Robin and Jane retired from running the sport. Local teams stepped up to the plate, and formed Aoraki Dragons so that the sport would continue.

At the same time, boats and equipment (ie paddles) were being upgraded to "IDBF Spec", so ABOL were now getting used to their new ZRE carbon fibre paddles, and racing in "Champion" fibre glass dragon boats.

National Champs 2008 Lake Pupuke

Abreast of Life took a strong team and support crew up to Auckland to compete at the Nationals Champs on Lake Pupuke, which was our first chance to try the new Champion Dragon Boats (above).

October-06 to March-07

Just two festivals for us this year, The South Island Champs on 4 March 2007, and then the New Zealand Nationals on March 24-25, both held in Christchurch on Lake Roto Kahutu.

We came away South Island Champions!

Last of the old tubs, at Lake Roto Kohatu

The paddlers had dug really deep for our semi-final and final, and pulled off an unexpected but exhilarating win in our last two races, taking gold in the first ever Breast Cancer Division Championship in the New Zealand Dragon Boat National Championship Festival, making us the National Champions for New Zealand.

November-05 to March-06

After all the hard work of the past long season in 2005, and having several new paddlers in the boat, we decided to have a "fun" season this summer. Only one local festival was held - the Christchurch Festival - held at Lake Roto Kohatu on March 5. This was the first racing experience for some of our women, and we performed well, improving our times through the day. We also participated in a "Fun Day" on Lyttelton Harbour, with about 8 other teams, racing a short course off Magazine Bay.

On March 11 we paddled in the New Zealand DB National Festival at Wellington, and enjoyed the competition with other breast cancer teams from Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington. We were pleased with our performance to win bronze in the Open Social Final.

June 2005

Racing at VancouverIn our winter, but northern hemisphere's summer, we competed in the 10th Anniversary Abreast in a Boat Regatta on Falls Creek, Vancouver, Canada. We won silver for our 2nd place in the C Division Championship, won by Survivorship who also went on to win the ScotiaBank Cup in the grand final.

Our championship time was 2 min 40.820, better than any of the times posted in the grand final.

Click for team photo - racing

November-04 to March-05

Our goal for 2005 was to compete in the Alcan Festival and the 10th Anniversary Breast Cancer Regatta in Vancouver over two weekends in June. As we needed all our funds and more to pay for our Canada trip, and as we didn't start our boat training until February, we reluctantly decided to forgo defending our national title, so we didn't compete in any local or national regattas that summer.

November-03 to March-04

Competed in:

Club Event, Nelson, January 2004
Early Bird Competition, Christchurch, February 2004
South Island Championships, Christchurch, February 2004
New Zealand Nationals, Christchurch, March 2004: We again won Gold in the Cancer Survivors Division Grand Final

Inaugural South Pacific Breast Cancer Regatta, Auckland, March 2004.

Won Silver, competing against Auckland and 10 other teams from Australia, Canada and USA. Also brought home the trophy for competition between Busting with Life and Abreast of Life.

Final times and placings:

1. Pink Phoenix (USA) 1.30.11
2. Abreast of Life 1.30.25
3. Busting with Life (Auck) 1.31.17
4. Dragons Abreast (Aust) 1.33.09
5. Survivorship (Canada) 1.33.60

Competed in local festivals in Christchurch during the season. At the Early Bird festival Abreast of Life had the distinction of being the most improved team throughout the day of competition.

November-02 to March-03

New Zealand Nationals, Wellington, March 2003:

Won Gold in the Cancer Survivors Division Grand Final at New Zealand Nationals, held in association with the Wellington Dragon Boat Festival. Paddled against 9 other teams from Auckland, Wellington, Australia, Canada and United States.

Final times and placings:

1. Abreast of Life 1.48.66
2. Pink Phoenix (USA) 1.50.26
3. Busting with Life (Auck) 1.50.58
4. Survivorship (Canada) 1.51.14
5. Chemo Savvy (Canada) 1.57.92
6. Dragons Abreast (Aust) 2.01.74

Summer 2000

On 7 September 1999 the Abreast of Life Dragon Boat Team was officially launched. Abreast of Life compete for the very first time in the Christchurch Early Bird Regatta on 30 January, 2000. Then competed in the Christchurch Casino Dragon Boat Festival in March 2000.